We live in an age wherein the focus often is on what people or the world thinks about us. We do everything possible to win people’s admiration and affection. We consistently post pictures on social media and publicize every little thing we do so we can frame a narrative. Yet, we pay little or no attention to what God thinks about what we do. We fail to consider how our life reflects the eternal judgment waiting for us. We show no interest in the truth that everyone is going to stand before Christ and give account (2 Corinthians 5:10). The opinions of man will have no meaning then. What social media platforms indicate will be useless. The applause of the world will be of no value. The One that truly matters will have the ultimate voice.  

Christ made a powerful statement to the church of Sardis. He said – “I have not found your works perfect before God” (Revelation 3:2). What He implied here was that – their works did not meet God’s standard. In the eyes of man, these men and women were highly successful. They had a great reputation. But that meant nothing. What God thought was the most important reality. Now, take note of this; they worked in the kingdom. These people were not idle. The only problem is, what they did was not rated as perfect before God. It did not meet God’s expectation. Just because you are working in ministry does not mean you are pleasing Christ. If your effort does not meet His standard you are wasting your time. If your work is not approved or accepted  by the Lord, your effort is a waste as far as heaven is concerned.  

This truth correlates with the story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-5). God accepted Abel’s sacrifice because it met His requirement. Cain’s offering failed to satisfy God’s standard. It also brings to mind the story of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4). The rich gave more than the widow but God commended her. Why? Her giving met God’s requirement. It was perfect before Him.

The key questions are: does your work meet God’s standard? Is God pleased with you? Are you doing ministry or just using God’s name for selfish goals? If you stood before Christ today, will He commend you? Are you doing that work with all your heart? Is your heart pure before Him? Do you have the right motive? Are you working for Christ or people? What are you trying to achieve? The truth is: on the great Day of Judgment so many are going to be disappointed. Many will realize that they lived and worked in vain. If your service is not considered satisfactory to God, you are a loser. If your ministry is not God’s approved you have worked for nothing. Does Christ consider your work as perfect before God? My friend, rightly answering these questions is highly essential to your eternal reward. Remember that this world and everything it offers are passing away. Doing God’s will is the most important achievement.



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